Warehouse Logistics Services

In our Profinal Logistic Park complex in Ivanka pri Dunaji, which has the capacity of 18,500 m2, we offer the following services of warehouse logistics. We provide a portfolio of services in the field of manipulation, warehousing and distribution of products for companies that deal with production and trade. Embrace our proven experience in warehouse logistics and join modern companies of this millennium which save their manpower and capital for own core business.

Warehousing Methods


We offer you a warehousing of pallet and bulk products in our premises.

  • premises are heated
  • they are equipped with industrial dehumidifiers
  • installed rack system
  • floors are free of dust
  • secured, insured, fire system installed
  • the warehousing methods take the efficiency into account exactly according to your needs, variability of rack´s load bearing capacity, WA, NA aisle width adjustment of pallets etc.

Warehousing Services


Offered services in the field of warehousing:

  • short-term products warehousing
  • trucks transhipment of products included
  • long-term products warehousing in 3PL (third-party logistics) regime with an emphasis on FIFO, FEFO and other principles.
  • management of warehousing records, products inspection (quality and quantity as well)
  • approval of premises for food and drugs warehousing
  • continuous monitoring of stocks, daily records on products in stock available
  • e-fulfilment, packaging, labelling, delivery notes embedding, distribution to the final client
  • problem solving regarding the awaiting and returned products from the final clients
  • warehousing guidance
  • labelling, packaging and assembly of products. The offer of logistic activities and services that do not belong to the main business area of production or trade companies allows our customers to focus on their core business.
  • insurance for working with your products

Software Solution


When using our warehouse logistics services, our customers automatically become WMS software and 3PL /third party logistics/ users for comprehensive coverage of warehousing services and invoicing of related operation costs. This service means that you will not have to worry about implementation and management of HW and SW and at the same time it offers you its several advantages.

  • you can be connected to the online system and manage all of its processes and outputs
  • the most recent stocktaking is always at your disposal while the material accountability is always covered by our side
  • an overview of billing operations is also available
  • option to invoice all operations directly to the client
  • this system enables automatic warehouse operations, e.g., palletizing, selection of removal methods, options such as "pick to carton", wave allocation etc.


Since the price calculation should take into account many variables, please contact the representatives of our company.


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e-mail: info@profinal.sk