Car, boat, motorcycle parking

Boat storage


Store boats in premises which match their worth with standard and care for bargain prices.

  • heated
  • dehumidified
  • guarded
  • handled with our trolleys
  • with a room for maintenance
  • available 7 days a week

for 4 Euro/m2 of the boat size, which is with the covered services incomparable with the competition. The price is calculated from the clear surface of a boat, i.e. boat with length 6,8 meters and width 2,2 meters is 15 m2 i.e. 80 Euro/month.

Car and motorcycle storage


We offer a seasonal storage of your motorcycle in warehouses which have the following standard

  • guarded
  • heated
  • dehumidified with industrial dehumidifiers
  • EPS provided, CCTV
  • with a room for maintenance
  • available 7 days a week/motorcycles and cars are stored in a way that you can access them, i.e. we don't keep your keys and each car and motorcycle is parked in a way that it could be accessed without a need to manipulate with the others/

Price for motorcycle is 40/Euro per month incl. VAT.

Price for car is 60/Euro per month incl. VAT.

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