One of the most dynamic areas of warehouse logistics is the transposition of comprehensive care for the warehouse service and the products distribution to E-shops. You can leave these logistic operations up to us and you can focus on your manpower and financial means instead. It will increase your revenues as a result. You will be pleased with the price for which we can take care of the warehouse logistics with the flexible usage of background which does not cost any initial investments and which flexibly adapts to the development level of your company.

Save Your Time

savetime We guarantee that the removal and delivery of your consignment to the shipper will be in the same day if we take the consignment at 6:00 AM; otherwise it will be within 24 hours.

Software connection with your system. You do not have to write long e-mails, our 3PL module allows direct order management in the warehouse.

Save Your Money

savemoneyVariable usage of stocks and warehouse operations exactly according to your needs with no empty pallets and downtimes.

We use our warehouse technology according to the needs of particular products.

Our premises are approved for sanitary warehousing of food and drugs.

Our warehouses are located right at the edge of Bratislava which is the largest market in Slovak Republic.

Save Your Manpower

savepeopleProcesses are automated according to the predefined rules

  • selection of methods (e.g. position selection, load capacity of cells etc.) on how to store your products optimally
  • selection of methods on products removal, order merging, wave removal etc.
  • predefined selection of the package size for removal /pick to carton/
  • online billing of warehouse operations

Personal Picking

osobnyodberMany of our customers can also pick up the goods at the point of delivery personally, which will substantially reduce your total costs.

You can pay cash or use the payment terminal /please see the TB price list/

Complaints and Legal Support

Input transport complaints - we will inspect all products, inform you immediately and give possible solutions.

In case your client does not pick up the products, we can take the products back and offer further warehousing.

You will have an opportunity to review the complaint or our staff can do the review on your behalf according to the predefined rules of merchandise.


Since the price calculation should take into account many variables , please contact the representatives of our company.


Tel: 00421 911 257 251
e-mail: info@profinal.sk